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A Typical Day in the Life in Tijuana - Tuesday, Nov 1

Javier and I left the house to go work out at the park about 7:30, but then he got a text that a man from Panama needed to get money as soon as possible. He has no money and was hungry -- and he also had to go to the clinic to get his diabetes medicine. We detour to pick him up at a shelter and drive to a bank. We park. The bank opens at 8:00, so in the meantime we go down the street to a copy place to make 35 copies of a skull coloring page to take the kids to color this afternoon for Dia de los Muertos. But the copy place is not making copies! Back to the bank. Javier stands in line with the man while I wait in the car, but they are told to come back at 9. We decide to go to the clinic so the man can make an appointment, but that clinic isn't open today. We go back to another bank and they stand in line. This time Javier successfully gets money that family members wired to J's account for the man. Then we drive to another clinic that is open today. We let the man off. He will be standing in line for about three hours, so we will pick him up at noon. We decide to go to a grocery store where I run in and get some money from the ATM. Success! The one we tried last night wasn't working.

By this time we skip working out and decide to get breakfast. GPS in Tijuana is insane. Ditto for the traffic. We can't find the place we're looking for, so we finally drive to a nearby mall and walk around to find a place to eat there. We notice there is a Sears, so we think hey, we can get a replacement filter for the vacuum cleaner there! BTW, this Sears is the fanciest Sears store I have ever seen. It's like Bloomingdale's in New York!... but alas, they don't have v/c filters.

Back in the car to drive back to La Casa so he can let me off. Javier will go make copies, pick up the man and take him home, and then come back to get me and we will head to the street to be with the kids for a couple hours. That is our day so far and it is not even noon yet.


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