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Breathing is Good!

It’s been an eventful week here, at La Casa, and at the border. Fundraising is ramping up, and several people have scheduled house parties; OCAN generously donated to La Casa; and people I don’t even know have sent checks and donated through PayPal, Venmo, and through CALC. THANK YOU ALL! I hope to have thank-you notes mailed by early next week.

At La Casa, Javier has been super busy cleaning, painting, doing laundry, and fixing windows, as well as taking care of the families who are staying there! And that’s after he’s done at El Chaparral, where he often walks ten miles a day taking people who just arrived all over Tijuana to get needed papers, to Al Otro Lado, to get prescriptions, as well as finding shelters for them.

Most exciting, we just welcomed our first guest, a woman from Arkansas, who is staying for two nights this weekend! I hope she’ll write something about her visit that I can post here.

Remember all the asylum-seeking families in your prayers. They have gone through so much trauma before they even arrived at the border, and everything we put them through after they arrive only adds to the stress and trauma. And think also what it would be like to just SIT for three or four months with absolutely nothing to do. You can’t work; kids haven’t been in school for eons. It’s mind-numbing. One group of friends is coordinating a package for the house consisting of a few books, games, and puzzles. I saw “a few” because it’s a small house, and because there are kids of many different ages. Can’t have teensy Lego pieces floating around, for example. I’m super excited, and with each family that does art, it goes up on the living room wall.


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