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Follow Up

Updated: Sep 3, 2019

The mom and two little girls who stayed with us in La Casa de Paso in Tijuana for the past three days crossed the border this afternoon under special circumstances. They were so thankful to Javier and for this house—I got to talk to the mom on the phone briefly before they left. She said she had no idea what she would have done without Javier to help her send for the girls’ birth certificates, get a copy of the prescription for one girl's medication, and give them a safe place to stay. The grandmother in the U.S. said she was so thankful La Casa was there to help her daughter and granddaughters in such a desperate and scary situation that she wants to donate to La Casa. Javier gave the mom his phone number and my name and phone number just in case there were problems at crossing. Jill happened to show up at just the right moment, met them, and gave them her name in case they needed a place to stay in San Diego. And this, friends, is how the world should work.

We were all collectively waiting, holding our breath that night, wondering if they crossed without any problems. None of us got a call, so we think it went just fine! So thankful.


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