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Report from La Casa de Paso at the Tijuana Border • August 2023

This month, instead of describing what happened at La Casa de Paso this past month, I have decided to share photos from La Casa over the past 4+ years.

When you look at the faces in these photos, what do you see? Even more, what do you feel? Can you feel these people as part of your family, your circle of friends? -As moms with the same hopes for their children? -As kids with the same worries and many of the same dreams as your kids? -As families who just need a little help, a little scaffolding for a short time until they can stand on their own feet again? I know firsthand the difference this kind of help can make and HAS made to so many families we’ve met, and it makes me happy every day. I also know this kindness will continue to be paid forward many times over.

Javier still gets calls from families we met two or three years ago, thanking him again for his help! Do not ever doubt your ability to make a huge difference in someone’s life in big and small ways every day! I still remember specific people in my life who were there for me at just the right moment. Some of them are no longer alive. Others were strangers and have no idea what they did that meant so much to me. I think back and thank them all in my heart.

This is how the world works best. Pass it on!


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