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October 6, 2022 Update

Updated: Oct 28, 2022

Day 1 Tijuana I arrived in San Diego early and Bonnie picked me up at the airport and drove me across. Oh my gosh was that nice, second only to seeing Javier. We went grocery shopping in the afternoon because there was not much in the house and got home to discover that the refrigerator/freezer was not working. Bad timing!

Day 2 Got up early and went to buy a new refrigerator and have it delivered ASAP, which it was. Then we discovered that the new refrigerator was literally a quarter inch wider than the old one and would not fit in the space, so Javier had to rebuild some shelving he had made. Mission accomplished and all is well. Meanwhile he was back-and-forth helping various people.

Day 3 We got up and went early to the park to work out, which he usually does. He worked out hard for an hour and a half, and I did my best for most of that time. The good news is, I plan to keep going and my knee already feels better. He ended the workout with a half-hour of nonstop running up stadium stairs two at a time and then down.

Three women and three little kids (7,3,1) came to the house today to get help in updating their forms and to take showers. One woman said it was the first clean, hot shower she had had since she left Michoacán 10 days ago. She was so grateful! The 22yo woman from Guerrero is caregiving her 27yo aunt with a mental disability. It's hard to conceive of the level of responsibility this young woman has assumed for her aunt after she found out she was being abused.

Since then Javier has been out two more times to help various people.

It's now 6:30 and it feels like bedtime!


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