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This small, conveniently located house serves as a safe place to house one or two families of women and children who need a place to stay for 1-3 days before their number is called. The accommodations are basic but clean and safe. Javier is there and I as well during the months I am in Tijuana. 

We also have an extra bedroom upstairs designated for volunteers. If you are planning to come to Tijuana to volunteer or witness, and if you understand and respect the need for safety and confidentiality for those we are helping, you may want to consider staying at La Casa for a few days instead of a hotel. The modest amount we ask you to pay all goes to keep the house open, and while you are here Javier and I would be happy to show you around Tijuana, introduce you to some people making a difference at the border, and help connect you with places you might want to volunteer if desired. If you are interested, contact me at

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