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La Casa de Paso needs your help!

I haven't asked for donations for a very, very long time, because donations always came in at a rate that I never had to worry—or even ask. My benchmark was always having enough money to cover three months in advance.

In the past year, however, donations decreased dramatically. At the same time, Javier now finds himself helping people in ways that often take more money than when we were just an emergency house.

Javier and I have fully committed to being there for at least another six months. However, to "be there" in any impactful way, we NEED the house! Even though families are not staying there now (due to COVID and also because no one is crossing at present), Javier brings groups of moms and kids there almost every day to take showers, to rest, to make food, sometimes to do laundry, and to give their kids a chance to relax and play. We are letting them know that they matter, that someone cares. These families are grateful and many of them reach out to me and Javier long after they have crossed, asking about us, and saying how thankful they are.

To keep La Casa de Paso open for another six months, we need to raise a minimum of $12,000. (Please note: some of you may also get a letter from me as a former donor! I'm trying my best to reach as many people as I can.)

Thank you so much from both Javier and me for doing what you can, and for SHARING this post!

You can donate through Donorbox on our home page, via PayPal or Venmo, or by writing a check (text or message me for details).

Muchas, muchas gracias.


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