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October 26, 2022 Update

Here is another thing I love about Javier. Yesterday he went over to the street across from the shelter where families are camped out, as he does most mornings. He just walks around, talks to everyone, and basically sees how everyone is doing and if they need anything. Many women told him their kids cried that night because they were so cold. As winter approaches, it is in the 50s at night now, and mind you, these families are not even in tents—there's no room for them. They sleep on the bare ground on a dirty sidewalk—the one you see in photos I have posted the past couple of days. Javier cannot bear to EVER think of kids being cold and crying, so he put off everything he was planning to do that day and instead spent it gathering up about 10 blankets from every place he could think of, including his niece's house and the free market. BUT, he said some of the blankets didn't smell good, so before giving them to the moms, he took them all to the laundromat and washed and dried them.


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